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Three secure alternatives to Whatsapp


Now that Facebook has got its mitts on Whatsapp, based on the revelations of the PRISM surveillance program last year you may extend your trust issues with the social network giant to the companies they acquire. Here are three alternative messaging apps that promote their security as a their biggest selling point: Telegram A reported […]

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App review – Pocket


If you’ve ever been on a long plane/train/car ride without WiFi available, and you wish you could be reading webpages, the Pocket app will make you happy. Pocket allows you to bookmark webpages you’d like to see later on, and it syncs across all your devices, such as MacBook Pro, Samsung Tablet, and the iPhone. […]

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App review – Flappy Plane

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 22.41.21

Don’t waste your time with Flappy Plane. Since when do planes flap? They don’t! Flappy Plane uses the word Flappy in its title to get you thinking it’s related to Flappy Bird, and that’s probably why so many people have sampled it. However, Flappy Plane is like an old Atari game from the 1980s when […]

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